A love like no other
{Mother's Day Film}
Dear Daughter, 

The magic in me evoked only when you came into my life. When you look at me with your innocent eyes, I can't help but fall for you even more. Do you know why you're so special to me? I was head over heels in love with you before you were even born. You had me wrapped around your little finger the moment I met you. 

I teach you right from wrong and you look at me like I'm the wisest person in the world. I sing you lullabies and you can't seem to look away. It almost bewilders me that you seem to hold such pure and innocent love for me. It does make me wonder how a little one like you can hold so much love. 

And it'd be crazy to think I don't learn anything from you. You laugh and love everyone you come across, and kiss every person you meet because you are fearless. You've charmed yourself to get up after everytime to fall and it's impossible not to be bewitched by that. I didn't believe in a lot of things before I met you. 

Once you wanted to give away your whole lunch to a homeless man because you thought he'd be hungrier than you. When you saw a young girl crying on a swing in the park, you gave her all your chocolates and hugged her. Little one, your kindness is staggering. 

You hold a whole universe and the weight of its sun and moon in your head, while you walk around fearlessly showing kindness and vulnerability. Little one, I might be magic, but you were created with the compassion of the constellations that created us.

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