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True love is when you fall in love with every version of your partner. Their best, their kindest, their goofiest and their worst. Afrin and Kifa are one of those couples. Here’s their story in their own words!
She took tiny steps and walked up towards me. She was not comfortable; that was evident. We traded glances. And then I rambled on. Wasn’t sure where I found the words but I ended up sharing my 5 year plan to someone who I barely knew. Why would I do that? What made me feel as such? I wondered and pondered. Afrin and I met through mutual relatives. She is from Dubai and I am from Singapore; thousands of miles apart. But fate had it that we will end up together. Though it was a typical arranged marriage, we shared a good amount of time getting to know each other first before we decided that He’s the one / She’s the one. We went through it all, the acquaintance stage, the friendship phase, the ugly foes, finally finding our love and respect for each other. These are unexplainable in words; you have to experience it.
My greatest fear was marriage. Making a lifelong commitment to a stranger doesn’t come easily. Finding someone, to whom you can be yourself, doesn’t happen to everyone and that is what I had least expected in an arranged marriage. Great things happen when you expect it the least. That is what had happened to me. Fate brought Kifa into my life and taught me that love does exist. You just have to find it in the right person. I found myself to be the most happiest and comfortable around his presence and that is when it hit me that, if not him then it can’t be anyone. We took a good 10 months to get to know each other well. We went from being strangers to friends to lovers to fiancés and now we call each other husband and wife. I feel blessed. Our texts and messages were filled with in depth discussions on marriage, love and commitment. We had heated arguments, differences of opinions as well as corroborated and acceptable ideas about the institution of marriage. These weren’t sappy, filmy, lovey-dovey exchanges but rather constructive criticisms and discussions. These shaped our views about each other and helped to break any facet that we had about one another. The day came - We took initiative and liberty to plan for each other so that we can look our best. It was such a sweet and memorable experience, so sweet that it feels bitter missing the moments as we are writing this blog. Afrin planned out the colour combination of our dresses and arranged for Studio 31 to capture our happiest moments in motion and stills. Relatives and friends gathered, rhythm serenaded throughout the ballroom and colourful dancers graced the stage. We signed, exchanged rings, and traded sheepish smiles and glances. And set foot ahead to explore what the future holds for us. Alhamdulillah. Ellapughazum Iraivanuke. Who said arranged marriages are boring? Who said you cannot find ‘the one’ in an arranged marriage? Marriage is an empty box. You got to fill it in with love, commitment, trust and happiness. And when you find your Mr/Mrs right to share these moments, every minute of your life looking forward to meet him/her is worth the wait.
The Mehendi
getting ready shots by studio 31 at leela palace
bride portraits by studio 31 at leela palace
getting ready shots by studio 31 in chennai
bride portraits by studio 31 in chennai
candid portraits by studio 31 at leela palace
The Nikkah
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