Aishwariya & Srinath
Arranged marriages are exhilarating! This is something that people found hard to believe whenever we enthused about how exciting the stories of some of our couples who wed each other - probably not in the way that people consider the most romantic. We’re, of course, talking about arranged marriages.
Aishwarya and Srinath share a story that’s not just one of those that make you believe in destinies and meant-to-bes. They did meet each other because of they were set up by their parents. But they almost instantly felt a pull towards each other.
After numerous conversations, meet ups and a lot of conjecture later, they realised that this was too special to be called a lucky match. They still believe that destiny played its hand in their lives and they could not be more glad about it.
Couple like these, however you view it share a story that’s anything but mundane. And we at Studio 31 love hearing stories that makes us feel more hopeful, more wholesome and makes us believe that this world is filled with a lot more love than it appears to be.
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