Aishwarya & Krishnamurthy | MPK Mahal, Chennai
Krishnamurthy might be a little familiar, as he was the winner of the first ever conducted Star Vijay's Super Singer Junior. Aishwarya, an equally talented and professional Carnatic singer met Krishnamurthy at their college. The story starts when the college's Professional Relations Officer introduces Aishwarya and Krishnamurthy to perform a duet for the college's Women's Day event.
They agree, of course, and their epic story begins. Krishnamurthy hears Aishwarya sing for the first time and he's entranced. He positively says that he’s never been affected by one voice as much as hers. He listens to her sing and he’s almost certain that he could feel himself falling in love with her. Aishwarya spends more and more time with him on the pretense of practice and she's absolutely certain that she's falling for him. They gush on about how they could spend hours singing together, talking to each other and time just stood still for them.
While Krishnamurthy was much more sheepish than he cared to be, at the start of their relationship, it was Aishwarya who confessed her feelings to him first. While Krishnamurthy knew he was in love, he wanted to make sure that they were the love of each other's lives. And he did just that.
They both wanted to pursue higher studies and as fate would have it, they both got into the Universities that weren't too far apart. After six years of being head over heels in love, Krishnamurthy proposed and Aishwarya said yes, of course. These lovebirds with the voices of Nightingales decided to get back to the motherland to tie the knot.
Team studio 31 wishes this couple a lifetime of happiness. 
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