Amirtha & Ben (a) Hari | Tirupathi
Just when we were setting in sync with the thoughts of getting married in a fairytale kind of way , Amritha and Ben raised the bar for a whole lot of people.
Amritha , our beautiful bride is a Tambrahm ponnu hailing from Chennai. An outgoing person with bubbly personality, she is someone who can strike a conversation with literally anyone. Hari ( Ben) is our American maplai from Albany, New York. Our shy groom is a gaming addict who will grow on you with time. 
Where did the spark begin ? 
Our ponnu and mappilai met each other in Arizona. Debunking the theories related to falling heads over heels with matched up dates, all it took for this couple to commit for a lifetime were, two cheese sandwich dates and three Starbucks Frappaccinos . These entangled souls were up for a Herculean task to bring under one roof the different cultures. But it all worked out just fine in the end. 
Wedding preparations started with Tamil training lessons for Hari, and trying on Indian clothes for his Mom, dad and sister. Amritha's task was to work with her 7 aunts and 13 cousins for multiple areas, ranging from facial make up to mehendi which added more glory to her wedding. 
The interior decorations and backdrop screens came in alignment with the couple's wedding attire. The whole event was filled with love, happiness and warmth, featuring a dance ensemble by our bride's aunts and a Soppanasundari car for Hari to ride ( which our groom had requested for ) during the Janasavam. 
Our team swayed in and out to get a click of anything and everything to add more memories to the big fat wedding. To sum up , Hari and Amritha had a dream of a wedding nailing every aspect to perfection. Love is indeed beyond boundaries. Isn't it ? 
Wishing a happy married life for this adorable couple from team Studio31.
groom getting shots by studio 31 at tirupathi
candid portraits by studio 31 at tirupathi
candid portraits by studio 31 at tirupathi
moments from wedding by studio 31 at tirupathi
candid wedding photoraphy by studio 31 at tirupathi
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