Anamika & Surya Kumar | Riza Banquet, Chennai
The universe is always speaking to us, sending us signals, causing coincidences and serendipities, making us believe there’s something more for us there. 
One such narrative is the beautifully woven love story of Surya and Anamika, who met twice by coincidence, when Surya pondered upon having something more with Anamika and exchanged his number with her. Few days later, the love journey of the adorable couple blossomed when they began talking over call constantly and ceaselessly when finally one day they met up over coffee. 
Every person falls in love with someone so deeply at some part of their lives that they can live the rest of their life meaningfully with that person. With cute surprises and revelations, gifts and thrifts; they decided to take the big step - "the marriage". Their families agreeing to their respective choices, they became the bride and the groom. 
After the chuffed and happy marriage that took place, followed a series of flabbergasted and dumbfounded moments by Surya that swept Anamika right off her feet. Or can we say that this is one of the best denouement to a cute love story. Here we are, wishing them a happily married life hereafter. We at Studio 31 loved capturing every moment at their lovely wedding. 
The Wedding
bride getting ready shots by studio 31
bride portraits by studio 31 at riza banquet
creative wedding photography by studio 31
bride getting ready shots by studio 31 at riza banquet
detail shots by studio 31 at riza banquet
The Reception
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