Anand Babu, or Udhaya SK as he is fondly called here, is the paragon of the underdog who just won the Championship. He was in the printing industry, before he decided to jump into the creative field and learn everything he possibly could. That was a huge change, for anyone. The fact that he did something so unwarranted, risky and went onto succeed in it is immensely inspirational. He has not only succeed in it but has mastered the art.

He now handles the job of color correcting almost the entirety of traditional photographs, which ranges from 3500 for every client. That job is incredibly stressful and he handles it with ease. He always meets his deadline, is super organised and produces outputs that are always partially, at least, the reason why traditional photographs are striking to clients. You can even find him working in office at 5am so that he can meet his deadline and keep his word. He’s extremely righteous and dedicated. 

Udhay is also known for his vocal and bold opinions. He does not hold back - appreciation or criticism, and does it with eloquence, which I cannot stress enough how important and helpful it has been to Studio 31. Aside from all that, he’s super close with his family and is the father of two adorable kids. I am super grateful to have him on my team and can’t wait to see him grow more and more.

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