Archana & Sai Krishna
Arranged marriages might have its share of cons with regards to meeting people who aren’t the one, but it’s pros do outweigh whatever cons it might possess. Our story is a little similar to Wattpad originals and fanfiction-y.
One day, when the Sun settled a little and let the clouds take over, I was on a call with my father. With no prior information or even a hint at what they had been planning, my father handed over the phone to the girl that was equally as hesitant as I was. We were quite caught off guard, the conversation was all sorts of awkward, and we clumsily tried to find the right things to say.
After being made to meet a bunch of times, our curiosity got the better of us as we genuinely tried to get to know each other. And sooner than later, to our absolute disbelief we were falling for each other. And it seemed like destiny was at play once we realised that we had went to the same school, tuition centre and the same university. We couldn’t believe that we’ve never crossed paths till then and it seemed a little a too coincidental for us to believe that this wasn’t meant to be.
We wish nothing but the best for this adorable couple.
The Wedding
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