Gayathri & Arun | SPP Gardens, Chennai
There are certain love stories where everyone around the couple know that they are perfect for each other. Arun and Gayathri’s is one of those love stories. Not only were they oblivious to the fact that they were meant for each other, they refused to even consider it. Well until they actually fell in love.
She’s a dentist, he’s an engineer. She’s a makeup fanatic, he loves bike rides. She likes staying in home, curled up and relaxed, he likes going on long trips and travel.  They were the typical opposites attract couple but their story is anything but cliche. They have been in love for years before they got engaged. Gayathri’s parents were elated once they knew they were in love with each other - Arun says that Gayathri’s mother, his now mother in law is one of his best friends. 
How cute is that?!
The best part is, they both complete each other and make up for each other's flaws. They are incredibly comfortable with each other doing even the most unromantic things. They are already like this couple who have been married to each other for decades. They know each other that well - in and out.
Their wedding was an intercultural destination event and beautiful would be a trivialisation of what we witnessed. The bride and groom so happy with each other and tying the knot decided to completely enjoy their day. And we were honored to have been a part of their bell like laughter, blooming smiles, joyous tears and everlasting love.
The Reception
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The Wedding
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