Aswini & Prasena | Salem 
Falling in love is not a concept that’s completely unfamiliar to all of us. We have all, in one way or the other, been in love. Either with a person, place or a pet. So we are all aware of that indescribable feeling because we cannot believe how in love we are, with someone or something we never thought we’d be. And if you’re lucky, then the person you’re in love with finds themselves falling for you too.
It makes us so happy to say that Aswini and Prasanna have found love that is exactly like this. And it gives us so much pleasure to come across couples that have been in love for a long time. Aswini and Prasanna have been together for over a decade and it was so obvious during their wedding. Of course, they were excited but the little nervousness both of them had while they waited to see each other on their big day was one of the cutest things we at Studio 31 have captured.  
Their wedding was an affair of celebration - celebration of their love for each other, celebration of romance they share and the families relishing in that joy. You couldn’t have asked for a more wholesome wedding to have been a part of.
We are so very glad for the happy couple and we couldn’t be more grateful to have been a part of it.
The Engagement
engagement by studio 31 in salem
engagement rings by studio 31 in salem
bride portraits by studio 31 in salem
detail shots by studio 31 in salem
candid portraits by studio 31 in salem
The Reception
The Wedding
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