Charanya & Anil | Savera Hotel, Chennai
Anil and Charanya had an incredible wedding that we at Studio 31 will probably never forget. An intimate wedding that happened in a grand venue - pardon us, grand venues took place to strengthen the bond that the couple already shared. That’s right - venues!
They had a beautiful church wedding followed by a Hindu wedding to make sure they had extra fun and appeased both the families’ customs. And their families could not be happier after they seeing how absolutely head over heels and unshakably in love they were with each other.
In Indian weddings, Sangeet is one of the most fun events out there. With delicious food, cheery music and freehearted dances, their Sangeet was easily an event to remember! Anil, Charanya, their families and friends made sure wedding was an incredible event! The grand venue, her beautiful gown, his dashing suit and their dazzling smiles to make the wedding one of the purest things we have ever seen.
Just when we were done wiping our happy tears away, followed their traditional Hindu wedding where Charanya looked stunning in her flaming red saree and wed her husband once again. Their families and friends beamed with joy as Anil and Charanya promised to be there for each other, forever.
Nailing every bit of the marriage to the perfection, Charanya and Anil gave us all a memory to carry forward in the rest of our lives. Studio 31 wishes this charismatic couple a delightfully happy forever!

The Sangeet
wedding decors by studio 31 at savera hotel
sangeet celebrations. y studio 31 at savera hotel
candid portraits by studio 31 at savera hotel
candid portraits by studio 31 at savera hotel
groom portraits by studio 31 at savera hotel
The Christian Wedding
The Hindu Wedding
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