To five years of love!
{Deepika x Michael}
Developing an entirely personal style completely unique to us and signifies just us is incredibly hard in an industry that is still frequently changing and transforming. We constantly try to deviate ourselves from the conventional method of how films and photography is done in this industry. 

Our newest addition to that pile is a video we created to try something new and distinct that is not confined to the subjective era that we live in, now.

What we were going for in this video is the subtlety and understanding between a couple that can only come from knowing each other inside out and loving with all their heart. 

This is a light, simple and fun concept. Nothing over the top, nothing extravagant or ludicrous. We wanted to prove that something soft and subtle could have the same amazing effect as luxury and lavishness. 

We want to mention how much dedication and effort it took from Deepika Michael and Michael George who were completely pristine new to being in front of the camera, and still came out triumphant on the other end.

The people behind the lens :)

Director & Script Writer – Divya Babu

Associate Director & Choreography – Aswini Srinivasan

Cinematographer – Prasanth

Assistant Cinematographers – Vijay, Vignesh Subramanian & Thiyagu Tk

Editor – Yogesh Malleeswaran

Production Head – Ravi Kumar

Associate Production Manager – Dinesh Raj

Song from SAMARTH SWARUP's - Afreen & Closer Mashup Cover

Inspired from Kina Grannis ft. Harry Shum Jr. – Closer Cover

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