At some point in our lives, if we are lucky enough, we come across younglings in whom we see ourselves. Dinesh Raj, our Sales Rockstar is someone in whom I see a lot of my younger self. He’s easily one of our best hires and best decisions I have made in 2018. 

He’s extremely diligent, super eager to learn and hyperactive, in a really good way. Dinesh is a natural at what he does, with almost next to no training in a field he has no experience in.

Dinesh Raj does not seek constant validation. He’s confident, smart and undoubtedly a really hard worker. Over all that, he’s a smooth talker. He’s extremely charming and can say no to you in a way that seems like a compliment. It’s almost enviable how outstandingly sociable he is and, puts his clients and colleagues in a position of tranquility.

He gracefully handles every situation that arises and perceives every conflict as an opportunity to grow. He admits to his wrongs, expects nothing for his rights and constantly explores for new ideas. If I am impressed to this extent with someone that I met just two months ago, it would be an understatement to say that I have incredibly high hopes for him.
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