Haritha & Karthik
Love really does know how to find us. Haritha and Karthik’s story is similar to stumbling upon love when they weren't looking for it, at all. In a platform like Facebook, the chances are lesser than you would think, to find your soul mate. But that’s how they found each other and themselves.
Once Haritha and Karthik found each other, their curiosity piqued and all they do was know more about each other. After a number of various chats, calls and Skype video calls, they decided to meet each other. From all night conversations to long dates, after a while they decided to take the next step together.
Families met, words and greetings were exchanged and then concluded that they would exchange vows next. Their smiles radiated brighter than stars while their love and laughter was so contagious that it almost lifted the spirit of the room every time they entered it.
We can’t be more excited for this adorable couple!
The Reception
The Wedding
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