Kamala & Muthu | Karaikudi
Once in a while, you come across across beings so flawless, that you just sigh at them in wonder. One such couple was Kamala and Muthu. The typical shy bride and groom. 
The bride, Kamala, a lovely vibrant girl with a multitude of expressions and Muthu, with his soft smile, made the perfect couple. The event was oh-so-pretty, with everyone in colour-coordinated clothes and matching wide smiles. The couple was surrounded by their family, which buzzed with tenacity and energy. The wedding rituals were a flurry of activity, and the bride positively glowed with happiness. You could see the mischief in Kamala's eyes when she was around her friends, family and bridesmaids. 
When it was time to take the vows, the bride, the groom and the family all had a myriad of emotions which we did our best to capture. Since their love story had started with a single snapshot, we wanted the perfect wedding album for them. The joy in Kamala's eyes was inexplicable as she saw her husband Muthu walk in purposefully towards her. You could see all the difficulties they faced because of the distance vanishing within a fraction of a second as they both gazed at each other, blissfully unaware of the world around them. 
The six months of courtship felt like a lifetime before they finally became Mr. and Mrs, staying true to the statement "There is only one happiness in this life. To love, and be loved.”
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