Kamala & Muthuveerapan
Once in a while, we come across couples that look like a metaphor for vintage love. Love that is authentic. Evocative. Genuine. One of those couples are Kamala and Muthuveerapan. They share a love that is timeless and classic.
With the humming sounds of the birds and the clouds beautifully painted blue and white, Kamala and Muthuveerapan tied the knot in a beautiful house of the heritage town Karaikudi. The wedding was traditional, conservative and full of culture.
The grandeur of the venue was simple but still magnificent. Kamala and Muthuveerapan’s uncomplicated wedding décor was creative and individualistic and in turn resulted in the house looking majestic. On top of all that, you can’t replace the comfort of getting married at your home with any other extravagance. It was proof that one needed nothing more than love to showcase splendor.
Happiness is golden sun and yellow daffodils. Love is laughing without care and smile-wrinkles in soft eyes. The video below serves as proof of the happiness and love shared by the duo, and their family and friends.
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