Sujeesha & KaushikMarriage - VPR convention center, Nellore. Reception- JRC Convention Center, Hyderabad
Kaushik and Sujeesha have one of those stories that we could all probably relate to, almost filmy but relatable. The couple went to the same university but never crossed paths. They first met each other when they were working - at the same company! Kaushik said that the moment he saw her, he knew, he knew that he wanted to get to know her and he knew that she was the one. He explained that it was kind of silly, something he had never expected to feel but it was also like an intuition that he couldn't ignore.
Ever since that day, Kaushik only wished that Sujeesha would end up in his team so that they could get to know each other and if she did, he was sure that they would fall for each other. See what we mean by relatable? To Kaushik’s surprise, Sujeesha did end up on his team and well, the rest is history. The couple got to know each other for almost a year and like Kaushik predicted, fell head over heels for each other before they decided to tie the knot.
Their wedding was a traditional Telugu wedding which was nothing short of impressive. We loved every moment of their wedding and we wish this adorable couple a lifetime of happiness.
pellikoduku by studio 31 in nellore
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pellikoduku by studio 31 in hyderabad
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