Keerthana & Shashank | Baniyan Tree
When you find your soulmate, you just know. There might not be any lights switching on at the top of your head or bells going off inside your mind. But there’s something indefinable that makes you realise that you have found the one. Keertana and Shashank felt that jolt when they saw each other.
They met each other through their parents. They started to text each other, just to know each better and marriage was never on the agenda. They found that they had similar interests and decided to give it a chance. Eventually, they started loving each other’s company and couldn’t stay away.
Once they fell in love, head over heels for each other, they knew it was time to start their forever as soon as possible. Their friends and families couldn’t agree more. The wedding was a gorgeous affair. Keertana and Shashank looked fantastic in their royal attire and seemed smitten with each other.
Studio 31 and its team were so happy to have been part of this wedding and wishes this couple an eternity of happiness.​​​​​​​
wedding decors by studio 31 at baniyan tree
weddings at baniyan tree
wedding decos by studio 31 at baniyan tree
bride getting ready shots by studio 31
bride portraits by studio 31 at baniyan tree
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