Lakshmi & Rahul | Accord Metropolitan, Chennai
We have all wondered what makes a great love story, haven’t we? The story usually goes like this. Two people meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. But what makes us fall in love with the adoration and devotion that two people we don’t even know share, is the proof of love that is displayed. Typical romance stories have this “running through the airport to profess love” or “run into the burning building to save your true love” sequence that makes everyone swoon. But we all know that it’s just super unrealistic. The proof of love exists in the little things. That’s what you see when you look at this adorable couple, Lakshmi and Rahul.
The love shared is irresistibly striking to everyone. From the mischievous smiles, the secret glances, cheeks reddened by blushes to pulling each other in by the waist, it shows how they are comfortably lost in their own world. This is one of the biggest proofs of love that we at Studio 31 have come across.
It’s apparent in their eyes that they had been waiting long for this moment, three years to be exact. Their testament of love to each other is evident in how Lakshmi could not tear her eyes away from Rahul as if she could not believe that her dream is finally coming true and it’s infuriatingly cute how Rahul kept sneaking in a kiss every possible moment he could. There was not one dull moment during the entire wedding, with family and friends relishing in the romance of Rahul and Lakshmi’s happiest day.
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