Madly in love!
{Arun & Gayathri}
Contrary to popular belief, opposites don’t attract immediately. Arun and Gayathri are the personification of this. When they met for the first time, there was no instant dramatic eye connection or a smile that made them instantly fall for each other. But all it took was a little time spent together to understand that they belonged in each other’s lives.

Once they fell in love, it seemed like their worlds had rerouted onto a new axis to coincide with each other’s. It’s almost infuriatingly cute how they can’t keep their eyes off each other and keep sneaking in a kiss at every possible moment. The duo have stuck with each other through thick and thin, and embody a magic that only comes from the comfort of completely and entirely being themselves with each other. Arun and Gayathri are one of the couples who not only ooze romanticism but also look at each other with determination, respect and devotion. 

Their wedding and reception ceremony was the manifestation of the zeal and vibrancy of Arun and Gayathri’s personalities. The venue for their outdoor wedding was remarkably in vogue, it looked magnificent, with a blend of traditional and contemporary settings, draped by bright yellow and tangerine colored flowers. To make their special day even more monumental, Arun and Gayathri performed a stunning dance number that left the guests speechless. The pair moved effortlessly and graciously. The love and content that they felt being in each other’s arms was unmissable to all the guests. 

The couple could not be more in love and we are incredibly happy to have been part of their wedding.

We wish all the joy and love in the world for this couple!

Watch the whimsical and phenomenal film that captured the event in its most immaculate guise!

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