Mounica & Avinash | Rajmundry
Love can sometimes be all sorts of complicated. But upon hearing Mounica and Avinash’s story, we felt reassured that it really can be simple.
This gorgeous couple met each other at a small family gathering and after their initial conversation they couldn't shake what they felt for each other and decided to exchange phone numbers. “Avinash has always been caring and super patient. He was also always so passionate about everything he did. We were polar opposites and I guess what they teach us in physics was true in our case. Opposites do attract!”, said Mounica.
After dating for more than a year, like every love story, theirs was also blessed with a surprising turn of events. Mounica’s dad showed her a picture of Avinash and asked her if she was okay with getting married to him. Mounica said that she couldn’t have wished for anything better and said yes without thinking twice.
They had a beautiful Telugu style wedding in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. Team Studio 31 wishes them this adorable couple nothing but a lifetime of happiness.
bride portraits by studio 31 in rajmundry
groom portraits by studio 31 in rajmundry
couple portraits by studio 31
couple portraits by studio 31
candid couple portraits by studio 31

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