Neeraja & Sujay | Wedding - Shree Amrutha palace ; Sangeet - The royal palms
{Knot the Tambrahms}
Wondering why our blog is titled in this way? Well then here goes a little story of one heck of a crazy, funny and completely in love couple - Sujay and Neeraja. Both Tambrahms, but funnily they’ve never lived in Tamil Nadu. And hence, the idea of this came up. Get it?  
Having dated for over ten years, engaged for a couple more, Neeraja and Sujay have a story that makes us go all “awwwww”. They met when they were 17, and their love blossomed over forwarded texts on the “now vintage” Nokia 1100. It was on February, 2006 that they went on their first date and now in February, 2017, they’re happily married. “I married my best friend. It only gets better from here.
The best part about capturing their wedding was to see how the couple completed each other. Nothing more precise than being each other’s missing jigsaw puzzle. They had an infectious energy and their love radiated throughout. There were very subtle warm fuzzies as he looked at her every single time and smiled. She knew she had him at “hello”.  
This power couple had everyone on their feet during the sangeet. The perfect combo of Neeraja’s chirpy and vivacious nature with Sujay, who is equally energetic made the sangeet very memorable. Families and friends danced till they dropped.
When you get two years to plan your wedding, one can definitely see the detail in every little element. And oh boy, what a wedding it was! Bringing in a cultural curry of wedding rituals from all over, (the wedding though very ironically called “Knot The Brahmins”) had a typical baarat, a sangeet, mehendi, and the actual wedding day rituals were purely, traditionally, south Indian. It was grand, it was fun and had loads of energy.
And talking about families, Neeraja’s grandfather has a total of 11 siblings! Since both the families knew each other for a long time and were very comfortable with each other, the whole experience of shooting this wedding was magical.
The Sangeet
wedding decors by studio 31 at shree amrutha palace
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The Baarat
The Wedding
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