Neethuja & Karthick | Guruwayur Temple, Kerala
Certain love stories deserve their own books. Neethuja and Karthik deserve one too. Or that’s what we, at Studio 31 believe. Let me make it clear. We do not know them personally nor are we affiliated with them  in any way. But some love stories resonate with us even when we don’t have anything in our lives to relate it with.
Neethuja and Karthik met each other in their office. Like every story transpires, they started talking to each other one day and they couldn’t stop. They got to know everything about each other and then before they knew it, they fell for each other. It’s a classic love story.
But why we raved about believing that they deserved their own book because of how irresistibly in love they looked the entire time we had the pleasure of capturing them. They didn't try to look like they were engulfed by their love for each other. They just were.
We do believe that every beautiful story deserves to be told. And we’re so glad to be the ones saying Neethuja and Karthik’s story.
bride getting ready shots by studio 31
detail shots by studio 31 at guruwayur temple
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bride portraits by studio 31 in kerala
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