Neha & Akshay
Neha and Akshay could basically write a book called “A beginner’s guide to Love” and we here at Studio 31 would read it. We’ve seen this couple for a while now and what we cannot love more about them is how they are so uninhibitedly themselves with each other. It’s rare to come across couples who have been together for easily over a decade before they decide to tie the knot and still look like they’re kids who are head over heels in love with each other.
They met each other in their ninth grade and somewhere along the way, the kids who bonded over their mutual misery of being the only ones with braces in class became best friends. Then, their feelings for each other developed and rest is actually history.
Their love story is so epic that it made all of us here to root for them and their families are as lovely as can be. Their wedding was a phenomenal mixture of fun and culture as their families tough emotional, ensured that it was one of the best day of their lives.
We wish a lifetime of happiness for the couple who needs no luck from the world to make it.
The Baarat
The Wedding
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