Nivedita & Rahul | Kuchalambal, Raintree
From a teeny tiny teenage crush to a full blown long distance relationship, Nivedita and Rahul are basically couple goals. That is how we’d describe this couple's story. A story that truly breaks the stereotype of ‘long distance relationships are hard and will probably never work out’.
Nivedita and Rahul met in the 6th grade and become friends. Once they moved into their teenage years, Nivedita knew that she had a soft spot for him and she was pretty sure that Rahul felt the same way but he was just a little too shy to admit it. Finally, when they turned 18, they decided to give it a shot and started dating. Then, of course, life happened and they had to move away for college. Nivedita moved to Coimbatore for undergrad and Rahul stayed in Chennai for his.
Like anyone would, these two went through all the rough patches, ups and downs of a long distance relationship and from being cities apart, they went to being countries apart. As she moved to the US and he moved to Germany. They were facing the harsh reality of adulthood, but they knew that they would get through it because they had each other. Soon enough they decided that it was time to make it official and tie the knot with the blessings of both their families. Nivedita says that nothing has changed between them in all these years, and marriage was just them renewing their lifetime membership to their friendship that turned to love.
They had a beautiful Hindu wedding in Chennai and Studio 31 is grateful to have been a part of this gorgeous wedding. We wish these two high school sweethearts nothing but a lifetime of happiness and well being.
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