Poornima & Jayanth | Em El Em Kalyana Mandapam, Chennai
Two souls don’t just find their right match by chance. There are no coincidences when it comes to love.  When Poornima found a best friend in Jayanth, she had no clue she would find her soulmate in him too. Neither did Jayanth, but he realized it sooner than she did. From laughing hard till your stomach is sore, late night talks to the shared love for traveling, they found comfort in knowing they had found someone so alike.
Their wedding was a lovely affair with the couple looking like they couldn’t be happier than this. The families and friends rejoiced in the love and joy the couple radiated and we at Studio 31 loved being a part of this duo’s biggest day.
Photographer’s column:
Our photographer Tamil who captured this love birds’ wedding says “Oh yes - Poornima and Jayanth! I loved capturing their wedding. The venue was huge - I had so much space to work in. Their friends, family and the couple were incredibly understanding and that’s all a photographer could ask for. I loved seeing the couple interact - their shy smiles, hasty stolen glances and absolute love in their eyes were a pleasure to capture.”
bride portraits by studio 31 at em el em kalyana mandapam
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em el em kalyana mandapam
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