{ Manasa & Kaushik }

They say things happens when you least expect it! This story is one such.

Kaushik and Manasa met in New York City on a cold snowy day! It was a dream date for both of them! It was a fantasy for the couple as they rejoiced on how they spent an entire day roaming around the streets of Manhattan on their very first meeting. They had so much in common, a lot of feel good factors and due respect for each other that led them to becoming the best of friends. Manasa visited San Francisco for Kaushik’s birthday and she expressed her love on his special day and thus began their love journey.

Our Dear Bride Manasa says, ” There’s so much commitment from his side which is something that I always wanted. Kaushik is highly motivating and brings in a lot of positivity into my life!” and Kaushik on the other hand says, “She brings endless love affection and compassion into the relationship and I cannot imagine a life without her”

Sounds more than perfect doesn’t it? Wishing this cute couple the best of luck and a Happily Forever from Team Studio 31.