{ Nanda & Virajith }

Love Story Alert <3 A beautiful love story, scripted by the groom Virajith Pratap himself. A journey would be full of surprises if we don't know our destination. The same thing happened between us when an unknown facebook profile just graced my eyes in the month of June 2016. Friend requests were shared and accepted. Our Facebook profiles told each other how fun loving we both are. Our first reason to talk with each other was the topic of marriage and how much we disliked it.( eventually destiny punished us after few months). Hours passed by, days passed by, texts changed into conversations , conversations into voice calls and video calls. Distance separated us , as we were 9000 miles apart. I was at UK and Nandha was in India but technology united us every second. We missed each other for 3 months and each day went as eternity without her next to me. One feeling rushed into my mind, is it better to earn money and be in UK or earn love and be in India. I had no second thoughts. I quit my job there and rushed to India. Coincidentally, I met her for the first time on my birthday, September 20th. I have never been nervous for any meet till then all my life. We had feelings for each other but that was the first day we decided to disclose. I still remember the moment when i saw the girl of my life for the first time. Time stopped, her eyes were staring at me in excitement, her lips were carrying a cute smile, my heart skipped a beat and there is still a frame in my mind which carries that moment. From that day my life totally changed. Later , families united, we got married and there are lot of moments Studio 31 has captured. We are still living our dreams and we will make memories always and forever.