Neeraja & Sujay – Knot the Tambrahms

Wondering why our blog is titled in this way? Well then here goes a little story of one heck of a crazy, funny and completely in love couple – Sujay and Neeraja.

Having dated for over eight years and engaged for a couple more, these lovebirds have a story that left us teary-eyed. They met when they were 17, and their love blossomed over forwarded texts on the “now vintage” Nokia 1100. It was in December, 2006 that they went on their first date, and now in February, 2017, they’re happily married. “I married my best friend. It only gets better from here,” Neeraja said, with the evident blush.

Having stayed in Tamil nadu for over 10 years, they were both brought up for most parts of their childhood outside of Tamil nadu. Also the wedding had a cultural curry of rituals and celebrations from pan India. And hence, the idea of “KnotTheTambrahms” came up. Get it?

We had some of the best times capturing this wedding. Especially for the duo, as they have an infectious energy that radiates throughout, and you cannot help but fall for it. Those warm fuzzies every time he looked at her and smiled — It was like she had him at “hello”. Witnessing love, that is so pure, blissful and happy, made us believe that everyone definitely ends up with their missing jigsaw puzzle.

And, oh boy, what a wedding it was! From the vibrant mehendi, to the super fun sangeet, the really grand baraat and the traditional south Indian wedding — It had every ingredient that made it all worthwhile.

The families were so warm and welcoming, that in fact, we were hungover after the five day long event. The sangeet however remains our favourite. The power couple had everyone on their feet. Families and friends danced till they dropped. Neeraja’s grandfather himself has a total of 11 siblings! “My immediate family would be of 300 people,” she laughed.

We’ve compiled some of our best shots here: