Preethi & Swaroop | The art of Living International Centre
Occasionally, we come across love stories that make us swoon. Preethi and Swaroop share one exactly like that. Where they met and how they came to be friends might have been mundane but the love they share is beautiful.
When you come across couples like Preethi and Swaroop it makes you wonder if love like this does exist for everyone. They were so completely oblivious to the deluge of compliments that came their way and had eyes only for each other.
While the wedding in itself was full of culture and rituals, Preethi and Swaroop ensured that they spent their big day proclaiming their love for each other and wanted nothing more than to begin their journey together as a married couple.
We wish nothing but the best for this wonderful couple.
wedding decors by studio 31
wedding decors by stdio 31
creative wedding photography by studio 31
wedding rituals by studio 31
candid portraits by studio 31 at the art of living international centre
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