Priyanka & Martin | Santhome Chruch, Chennai
When a wedding happens in a holy place, we’re already almost in love with it. So when Priyanka and Martin married each other in the divine Santhome Cathedral church, we were instantly hooked. They beamed with happiness as they shared their vows to each other’s support system, in sickness and health.
He stayed in Phoenix, she in Boston and one day, he flew down to meet her. We believe it would be fair to say that it was one of the best decisions of their lives. And it has been evident ever since then how much they took to each other. With shy smiles, blushing cheeks and reluctant hearts, they slowly stepped into the land of love and walked steadily hand in hand. It’s almost infuriating how adorable they are together.
Priyanka and Martin’s church wedding is a testament of love and support. It was a breathtaking wedding with Priyanka’s captivating gown and Martin’s stylish suit. The friends and family teared up as they walked down the aisle and we could not be more glad to have been a part of a wedding that was just the beginning of this duo’s story!
christian weddings by studio 31 at santhome chruch
bride getting ready shots by studio 31 at santhome church
candid portraits by studio 31 at santhome church
bride candid portraits by studio 31 at santhome church
bride portraits by studio 31 at santhome church
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