Continuing with the tradition that I established yesterday, I’m moving onto the next team member that I want to talk about. The man who rarely speaks - our senior colorist, Raja Soundarajan. There are a number of things I admire in Raja, mainly that he’s someone who doesn’t care about stereotypes and isn’t scared to be himself. He’s not only comfortable in his own skin but is also confident about skills. He’s honest, straightforward and reputable. 

His work record is impeccable with quality pictures that always motivate and encourage the photographers. He’s an organised and efficient worker who has clarity in what he needs to do, both in work and life. His workspace is covered with inspirational quotes and posters of various bands, a testament of his love for music.

Moreover, he secretly produces trance music, is the voice of an excellent podcast and is an impressive EDM playlist curator.

It’s always a delight to watch someone grow but it gives me such exhilaration to work with people from whom I can learn and be inspired by
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