Rina’s venue: 

A venue so subtle, yet so breathtaking
Are you a rom-com buff at heart? Do you get teary-eyed with beautiful weddings that happen in cozy suburban homes, just like in the movies ?

Then Rina’s Venue should be on your list.

If not, book it now! Because this venue does not disappoint.

Modelled after an authentic South Indian house, Rina’s venue is surrounded by lush greenery and a beautiful pond. The house is adorned with rustic red floors and wooden pillars that just take you back in time. The best part of this venue is that it’s away from all the urban hustle. It is so culturally diverse that irrespective of the wedding style, it would be a good fit for that dreamy wedding.

And as for the photographs, they’d definitely turn out great. Don’t believe us? Watch it for yourself.

Studio 31 has shot around 20+ weddings at this gorgeous location and our excitement to shoot more weddings at this location never seems to cease.

Scroll down for images from Rina’s Venue, Shot by Studio 31.

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