Rohini & Venkatesh | Madurai
“How could I not say yes?”, said Roshini when asked about why she said yes to Venkatesh. This just reminded us of how sometimes in life, you just know, in your gut that you’ve made the right decision.
Roshini and Venkatesh's marriage was arranged but filled with its own magical romance. They were introduced to each other by their parents. Both of them being doctors, had a tightly knit schedule and found it hard to make time for each other initially. But, after the first time they met, time stood still for both of them. After numerous dates, blushing cheeks and gushing smiles, they were sure. Roshini said that Venkatesh’s personality was what really drew him to her. A soft-spoken, caring, kind and responsible man were some of the words she used to describe Venkatesh.  
This gorgeous couple had their Sourashtran style fairy tale wedding in Madhurai. The wedding was an absolutely enjoyable experience for us here at Studio 31. We wish this couple a lifetime of happiness and success.
reception decors by studio 31 in madurai
detail shots by studio 31 in madurai
wedding jewellery by studio 31
groom portraits by studio 31 in madurai
groom getting ready shots by studio 31 in madurai
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