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People believe that marriages are usually like a simple cup of tea filled with companionship, intimacy, friendship, etc. But the truth is that marriage is nothing but an empty cup at the beginning. To make marriage into a perfect cup of tea, you need to make a special blend. A blend that includes everything these two beautiful souls have to offer. And it's not easy to make a perfect cup of tea without experiencing difficulties and without knowing the imperfections that come along with it. 
When I listened to Sai and Akshay’s beautiful story, this is what came to mind. To me, they seemed like an ideal example of being the perfect cup of tea in each other's lives.
Sai and Akshay, both IT professionals from Tamil Nadu met each other through their families. An arranged marriage that turned into love, and they fell for each other hard. Sai currently residing in Sydney, says that she is the religious one in the relationship and Akshay from New York is a strong believer in karma. Both very appreciative of each other's differences and Sai claims that this is what made their relationship strong, despite all the differences.
A perfect cup of tea, that started to brew because of their families and effervesced because of the love they felt for each other.
Studio 31 wishes this gorgeous couple, nothing but a lifetime of love and happiness.
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