Seetha & Aravind
The Sri Lankan Wedding!
Every time we hear that, we think of Seetha and Aravind. It was a spectacular event filled with love and laughter. Seetha and Aravind’s wedding was one to remember for all of us. We loved watching Seetha and Aravind interact with each other mainly because of how gentle and soft they were with each other, with moments where they would just burst with joy and love.
It was an event full of culture and colors. From traditional dances to traditional food, the event was rich in its roots and where it came from. And we have to be honest, it was such a breath of fresh air to watch that. Everything about the wedding was filled with lavish and extravagant decor to symbolise how they celebrated sharing their vows to each other and their astounding love. Their families and friends had the utmost fun with the bride and the groom being the centre of it.
Studio 31 wishes this lovely couple a lifetime of happiness and wishes them a life where they celebrate their everlasting love every single day.
The Srilankan Reception
The Srilankan Wedding
The Chennai Reception
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