Shruthi & Ajay | Sree Rani Mahal ; Hotel green park, Chennai
Some stories give us hope. Some couples do too. It isn’t everyday when you’re coming across a love of its own kind. Shruthi and Ajay happen to share one like that. And we cannot be happier that we were a part of their happy day!
Who said arranged marriages aren’t an adventure by itself? Because they are! Shruthi and Ajay met because they were set up by their parents and they were hooked ever since their first meeting. Opposites aren’t the only characteristics attracted to each other. 
Ajay, the moment he met her, was taken with her elegance and lively spirit while Shruthi was intrigued by Ajay’s incredibly calm and put together personality. Thus began a love story.
The wedding was an event of celebration filled with happy laughter and overwhelmed tear filled eyes. It was evident how loved and cherished both of them are as their families switched between laughing and crying almost every few minutes. 
It was a wonderful wedding and we here at Studio 31 wish this lovely duo all the love and happiness in the world!
The Engagement
creative wedding photography by studio 31 in chennai
wedding decors by studio 31 at hotel green park
bride portraits by studio 31 at hotel green park
candid wedding photography by studio 31
candid wedding photography by studio 31
The Wedding
The Reception
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