Shweta & Vivek | AVM Rajeshwari, Chennai
{Two hearts, one story}
We have all hoped for the movie wedding, haven’t we? The one where the couple gets through every hardship that life throws at them and comes out on the other side more in love than they ever were. Shwetha and Vivek’s story is actually that. They met nine years ago on their first day of college. And after a few lunch breaks together and a lot of mutual lecture-bunks later, they knew they were made for each other. Their epic love story started there, where some of their best memories were made. But it wasn’t easy. There was no whatsapp, no video calls or any extravagant technology to make it easy. There were only the unlimited message booster packs to keep them sane. After they finished their undergraduate degree, their jobs posted them in different cities. Before they realised it, they were in a long-distance relationship. When Shwetha left to pursue her MBA in USA, they didn’t ever worry about whether this would strain their relationship. When she returned to India, the couple wasted no time in deciding to tie the knot.
The celebration of their testament to spending the rest of their lives together started with the Sangeet ceremony. Sangeet is known as the most fun filled and high spirited convention of Indian weddings. Shwetha and Vivek’s family and friends went above and beyond to prove that. The union danced in the festivity of the occasion as Shwetha and Vivek twirled around in joy, like they could not be more in love with each other. 
The gleeful songs, the mouth-watering food and drinks, the insatiable need to never stop dancing, what more could one possibly need? Our couple, rocked, from the vigorously unmissable decors, beautiful attires to family and friends dancing like they have no care in the world, it was an unforgettable event. Shwetha and Vivek seemed bewitched by the amount of effort their loved ones had put into to make the Sangeet vivid and distinctive. The duo succeeded in making an impression as they hit the dance floor themselves. Everyone watched in happiness as the couple twirled around, serene in their sweet and endearing dance. All things considered, it was an epic night and the pictures are a testament to it!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
For the wedding, the rituals performed were an amalgamation of two traditions. Shwetha being from the Southern part of India and Vivek from the Northern part, the ceremony was mesmerising with vibrant colours, grand traditional sarees and lehengas, dhotis and turbans, melodious music in the background, and of course, the scrumptious food. The reception was nothing short of perfection with decorations done with meticulous care. The bride adorned a lime and teal lehenga and the groom complemented with a navy blue kurtha. The couple was filled with happiness, surrounded by families and friends who seemed entranced by the love that Shwetha and Vivek shared.
We loved being a part of their dream come true wedding and the special day ended in laughter and love which is apparent in the images captured by our photographers.

wedding decors by studio 31 at avm rajeshwari
wedding decors by studio 31 in chennai
bride candid portraits by studio 31
bride portraits by studio 31 at avm rajeshwari
candid wedding photography by studio 31 at avm rajeshwari
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