Sowmiya & Senthil
At the very outset, Sowmiya and Senthil Kumar are the epitome of couple goals. Her calm, composed demeanour perfectly balances out his radiance and vibrancy. While marriages mean taking seven steps together, here we saw a couple that went out of its way to take every step together. 
From holding hands during the rituals to playfully competing during ceremony, here they are, redefining the phrase "it's love- why not give it our all?" to absolute perfection. Their wedding also reflected their personalities- colorful, extravagant and an amalgam of tears and joy.
The excitement of the wedding almost tangible, the bride and groom oozed out energy, and were extremely enthusiastic even about the tiniest rituals. They were in perfect sync with each other, and it definitely is difficult to find someone as much in love as they are. 
Well, the heart wants what it wants, and here, it seemed to have gotten it too! We at Studio 31 cannot help but gush over the adorable-quotient of this couple, and wish them a lifetime of nothing but joy and warmth!
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