Sridevi & Deepak Sundar
While our dapper groom Deepak is an ophthalmologist from AIIMS, in real life he is actually the doctor of hearts. Going by how exuberant Sridevi is, he has definitely won her heart and her eyes, you know what we're talking about.
Red, the colour of love took centre stage in the wedding. And, every picture would explain to you why. Sridevi looked drop dead gorgeous in her attire giving the place, a "Valentines-Day-feels"in July. 
Deepak and Sridevi were in their element throughout making an adorable couple, and radiated so much love that our shutterbugs couldn't resist, but capture their love in the purest form. It is innocent, chirpy, happy and beautiful, all at the same time. Her smile is infectious that you'd want to hit the like button more than once. 
Don't believe us? Have a second look. It can just make your day :)
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