Subhashini & Rishab | Vasudeva Thirumana Maligai, Chennai
I personally believe that family is where life begins and love never ends. From the time we begin to crawl till the time we chase our dreams to finally achieving them, our families are the ones that always last as a pillar of support until the very end. But for just one second, let’s talk about something that differentiates families. And that is tradition and culture. For Subhashini and Rishab this was the exact scenario.
Both hailing from two different cultural backgrounds, in terms of language and tradition. A tough decision for both families to make none the less, but to the surprise of both Rishab and Subhashini their families had zero objections and wished these two nothing but a lifetime of happiness and made sure they strengthened their bond by marriage. Differentiated by culture but united by love. A universal language that knows no bounds.
Their wedding was a mix of cultures and rituals, but a beautiful ceremony that we loved being a part of. Studio 31 is extremely happy to have been a part of this gorgeous wedding and wishes this couple success in all their endeavors.
bride candids by studio 31 in chennai
bride portraits by studio 31 in chennai
candid wedding photography by studio 31
vasudeva thirumana maligai chennai
creative wedding photography by studio 31
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