Sunny, sweet & scintillating
{Harini x Vikram}
We’ve all fallen in love, at least once. The feeling of ecstasy and euphoria that one feels when they’re falling in love is indescribable. When the skies are a little bluer, the leaves a little greener, and the sun shines a little brighter. That’s what came into mind when we watched Harini and Vikram do nothing other than be their adorable selves in this video.

Here’s where their story gets a little interesting. Their love isn’t recent, they have known each other since they were teenagers. The fact that a couple who’s known each other forever could look at each other like they fell in love yesterday is super cute. A couple that embodies love, comfort and charm make it unbelievably easy for us to film the authenticity of their love and how indisputably enchanting their bursts of laughter was.

Documenting two people be completely candid, and effortlessly themselves was a breath of fresh air to film. Watch the video of the duo bring color to each other’s lives undeviatingly.

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