Holding onto humility in the creative world is not an easy feet. I say this, only because remaining humble in a creative field where praises reach you almost as fast as the criticism does, is quite difficult. Tamilsugan is one of the very few people that I have come across who has no trouble holding onto his humility. His work is always on point and proves why he is cherished here. He does his job with honesty and dedication. He’s always open to helping everyone and does not hesitate to spend generously for his friends.

He picked up a camera only after joining Studio 31, but his photographs say a different story. His pictures are enriched with soul and style. It gives me immense pleasure to say that he’s become a great photographer from his hard work and the constant support given by his colleagues.

Even interns can’t stop gushing about how talented and patient he is with them. It gives me so much joy to recognise someone who absolutely, completely deserves it and I can say with no doubt that he will continue to grow and flourish in his career
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