Two States
{Anamika & Surya Kumar}
They say that your heart knows the way, so take a deep breath, trust and let it lead the way. And that’s what Anamika and Surya did. 
Their first meeting was run of the mill and not really exceptional. They met through a mutual friend and went their ways. Days passed, they found new friends to talk to and new places to work in. But lo and behold, as destiny always finds a way to bring together two souls that’s meant to stay together.
Anamika and Surya found themselves working with each other in the same office on a daily basis. The everyday conversations in office turned into ones over coffee and their love blossomed. That is what is evident when you watch this video. How patiently and comfortably in love they are with each other. 
Their wedding was a beautiful celebration of love and we loved being a part of it. We wish Anamika and Surya the best and the happiest of married lives.

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