Coming across people who are not only the jack of various trades but also the master of them is quite rare. Our very own Vignesh Subramanian who started out unsure of the spectacular skills he has, began his journey with Studio 31 as an album designer. When I first met him, he was timid, shy and hesitant about his dexterity. The version of him that I know now has no resemblance to his previous one. The growth he has underwent is incredible.

He started finding trust in himself and grew to become more and more confident in his talent. His work expanded from being the album designer to retouching, color correction, an exceptional photographer and cinematographer. He didn’t just learn them all, but made sure to master them.

There’s also one more thing that I greatly admire in him - his care for client satisfaction. He’s been with us over three years and he constantly follows up to make sure that the client is happy with the output he has produced. It’s endearing to see someone whose satisfaction relies on the happiness of his clients. 

I have seen such significant positive change and growth in him over these years and above all that, I have no doubt that he’ll achieve great things in this field.

And yes, we know, he looks like actor SivaKarthikeyan :)
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