Saraswathy Ramesh is someone who does not break a sweat even when there’s a swarm of clients waiting to talk to her or when her whole team is on leave and she has to handle everything alone. She’s one of the very few people who can stay calm not just before or after the storm but also right in the middle of it. 
She has plenty of fully written notebooks and always a hand that is taken over by the scribbles of client details to show what an intensely meticulous and organised person she is.One could easily assume from the description given that Saraswathy is someone who dedicates all of her time to work. 

Even if Saraswathy’s productivity and work effectiveness indicates the same, she’s someone who holds the balance of work and personal life in the middle of her palm and handles the equilibrium like a boss.

It’s been a pleasure to watch her grow personally and professionally, and since I have decided to take time out to appreciate every single one of my employees, I want to mention how grateful I am for our Happiness Manager and her impressive client management skills.
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