Yuvika & Sabarish | RaghavendraKalyana Mandapam
Yuvika came across Sabarish in her first year of college arguing with another girl in front of the class. She thought he was arrogant, uptight and argumentative. But all it took was a little time spent together for her to realize he was passionate, funny and really easy going.
They spent four years of their undergraduate degree nurturing their nascent love and the decision to part ways to pursue their Masters only made the love between them stronger. So, it is true. Distance does make the heart grow fonder. 
Yuvika and Sabarish are newer, happier versions of themselves ever since they fell for each other. Sometimes, life shows you the way and if you are brave enough, you travel down the road and find it leads you exactly where you need to be. This duo bravely, uninhibitedly fell in love with each other and was rewarded with a lifetime of happiness.
Their wedding was full of pretty colors and lights enhancing every lovable feature of our couple and was incredibly picturesque. We are so glad to have been a part of Yuvika and Sabarish’s happiest day and wish them all the happiness in the world!
The Reception
wedding decors by studio 31 at raghavendra kalyana mandapam
raghavendra kalyana mandapam
wedding decors by studio 31
bride getting ready shots. by studio 31
bride getting ready shots by studio 31
The Wedding
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